Public transport in Kraków

Two most popular ticket types for one person are:
20-minute – unlimited bus and tram journeys: 2.80 PLN
40-minute – unlimited bus and tram journeys (or unlimited time but single journey): 3.80 PLN

The tickets are available from the ticket machines in most of the trams and buses. Please note that some of them accept only coins and some – only credit cards. You may also buy tickets in the stationary machines at some of the bus or tram stops (both coins and cards accepted).

The timetables of the buses and trams are available here.

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TAXI service

Taxi transport in Kraków is safe and moderately expensive. From the City Center to the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Computer Science the cost should be between 25 and 30 zł. Please use only big taxi companies, for example: Radio Taxi Dwójki (+48 1219622), Radio Taxi 919 (+48 1219191), iCar (+48 126535555)